Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sissy Phone Sex Freesex

Like half the women who stay in town after school is out, I got a job as a "server," as in "Hello, my name is Audrey and I'll be your server tonight," said with a big smile and fond hopes for a big tip. Although there's a college here, the town's economy is dominated by tourism. Sitting on the edge of a Rocky Mountain wonderland, surrounded by scenic beauty, the tourists flock here in droves during the summer. And, like people everywhere, they need to eat! There are dozens of restaurants in the downtown area, some fancy, some not; some filled mostly with tourists, a few that cater to locals. The one I work in seems to cross over. Locals inhabit the place in winter, but being close to the big hotel in town, it gets it's share of tourists during the summer. I didn't go to work there thinking it would be the perfect place to meet people. I went to work there because my best friend was working there and she told me they needed help. But I soon realized that if a person wanted to expand her horizons by getting to know interesting people, she could do a lot worse than serving food to folks who have the desire to travel and enough money to do it.

I smile back at her and chuckle. "Just a bit, baby," I say.

“Yea…better” he responded, out of breath.

I watched her laughing and joking with the audience. She was still dressed in the jumper and skirt she had worn for the last routine. Her jumper clung to her every curve, and twinges of jealousy ran through me at the looks she was getting from the men in the group around her. But eventually she was finished, and went off to get changed.

The girls rose, cheering, when Bea got a strike. Laughing, she turned to head back to her seat, tossing her hair back over her shoulder.

Truth was, Jill was desperate. She sat on the bench in front of her house and glumly contemplated how her life had spun out of control since she had gotten involved with cocaine and other drugs. Over the previous three years, she had developed an itch for sex that was completely unquenchable, and along the way, she had developed an equally unquenchable desire for mind-altering and body-numbing substances to go with it. Cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy were her main vices, along with the ever-present liquor. She was drinking almost every day, sometimes a lot, and she plainly now had an addiction to coke. It had been a full week since she’d done up the last of her most recent holding, right before she and Ken put out presents on Christmas Eve, and she had a large jones building.

I smiled at that and wondered what it was he wanted. I didn't call that Friday. Then, early Saturday, things were slow and I picked up the phone and dialed his number. It rang four times before he picked it up. He thanked me for calling him and we chatted a while. Finally, I asked why he wanted to talk with me and he asked if I would have lunch with him when he came to town next week.

"What's the matter?" Sarah asked. "Is she breaking you if you buy it?"

She gasped again as his tongue came into contact with her open, hairless vagina and sighed deeply. Her fingers played with her nipples. Her eyes were tight shut as she pushed herself backward and forward slightly; rocking her body as the young man ate her.

"Sorry, that's not going to happen Katrina."

Once inside Nathan tried hard not to gawk or act stupid, it took a great deal of control to avoid doing either. Half-naked women were everywhere, and all the lights were either red or yellow or blue. Not a white light in the place. He took a few steps in before scanning the crowd for Robert and the other guys, and found them sitting a bit away from the stage in a corner booth. All of them had their eyes glued to a hot blonde who was clinging upside down to the pole on the stage. Wearing only a g-string, her legs were pumping to the music, giving a revealing look at the blue fabric of her g-string barely covering her crotch.

“I, I’m sure I told you Elaine has nice tits, Kramer,” Jerry protested, shifting in his seat, trying not to rub the erection straining at his jeans.

“Okay, ‘Beth’ it is. Can we be serious for a second?” she asked.

He removed his shirt and told me its time to take off my outfit. We quickly resumed the hand job and kissing, but this time his hand made its way down to between my legs. I saw no choice but to let him do what he wanted – which was to press a finger against my clitoris and then insert it into me.

"Nothing, I just find your olive complexion to be very appealing. Especially when you're spread out naked."

She was forced to hold it in her forever, it seemed. Finally, Mary was told to bring the bowl to the table and place it underneath. The cork was removed, and soon, her bowel’s contents were rapidly leaving her. Mary took another towel and cleaned her ass cheeks and the table off.

“I’ll just put on a few clothes,” he said, before kissing her offered lips.

"Take the overalls off, I really need to talk to you for a few minutes and you don't look comfortable standing there" Pat said. I tried to explain to her that I didn't have a shirt on under them and she told me not to be silly, she has seen me painting without a shirt nearly every afternoon, what was I acting shy about now.


"I really don't know what happened, I remember telling him he kissed just like Terrry, then he had taken off his clothes and the next thing I knew he was undoing my top, I tried to stop him but then he yanked my bottom off so I grabbed that and then he got my top right off and started kissing my boobs. I tried to stop him but then he pulled the bottom of my bikini right down."

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